Sex, Ecstasy, Soul and Love – Learning the Difference the Hard Way

Over the past 25 years I’ve lived with 20 women. Yes, that’s crazy. I’ve met women, had almost spontaneous sex with them and they’ve moved in, or I’ve moved in (depending on the country and comparative size of home – kids etc) – and we’ve co-habited. Sometimes it lasted years others months. Each time I’ve […]

Poker? Solitaire? The Must-Have iPhone Apps for Card Sharks

Card games are some of the oldest games known, and have the capacity to be anything from thrilling to relaxing, single player or massively multiplayer. Card games also appeal to all ages, whether you’re a toddler who can barely say “go fish” or a weather-beaten old crank at a blackjack table 聊天室. The iPhone also […]

Aerial Advertising – A Cost-Effective and Efficient Choice

In this materialistic world everything comes at a price; the better the thing, the higher the price. Same is the case with all the traditional media used for publicity. However, you will be amazed to know that the cost of aerial advertising is affordable yet still the most effective advertising approach. It can amplify your […]

Using Polo Shirts For Marketing Recognition

Polo shirts make wonderful gifts and corporate souvenirs. They are both casual and comfortable to wear so they are also commonly used as company “uniforms”. In fact, many companies nowadays have adopted business casual attire, with employees wearing polo shirts with the company logo printed on them. Some companies have one day of the week […]

Driving Web-Based Commerce With Magento Development

The biggest reality of today’s commercial scenario is that much of it is web driven. So businesses which thrive on e-commerce and depend on multiple servers have been benefitted significantly by Magento development. It has a lower learning curve and the costs of maintenance are significantly less compared to other open resources. This is because […]