Ice Hockey Equipment – Roll Into Success on Roller Blades

Ice hockey is definitely one of the most exciting sports in the world today. The game requires from its players a fearsome combination of technique, skill, balance and power. It is a very tough game, and there are very good chances to get seriously hurt. This is because the puck which is being tossed around by the players is a hard circular object that moves at a speed over a 100mph. If it hits any part of the body – be it arms, legs, torso, chest or face – it could cause serious injuries.

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Importance of equipment

To excel at this sport you need the best equipment to assist you in your game. Ice hockey equipment like roller skates, roller blades and so on should not only be smooth so as to give you a smooth ride on the ice, but also have enough friction in them to help you balance on the ice. If your ice hockey skates are good, you will then be able to focus all your attention on the game. Hockey News

Shoulder pads

An ice hockey kit also contains shoulder pads. These pads have to be made of extremely strong material, so that they can protect you from injuries. hockey players often tend to collide at the shoulder, and fall on the ground with their entire weight on the shoulder. In such cases as the speeds are very high, if your shoulders are not protected well enough, you may sustain extremely painful and serious injuries on your shoulder. It may even get dislocated or broken. Thus, strong, good quality shoulder pads are a must for all hockey players.

Ice hockey sticks and gloves

hockey sticks are your biggest weapons in the game. They must be light weight, and have multiple uses. They are not just mean to hit the puck, they are also meant to manoeuvre the puck when getting it out from the clutches of the opponent. They also help the player maintain his balance on the ice. These should be extremely strong as well. This is because since hockey involves rough collisions and wresting with the sticks to grab the puck. If the material is not good, your stick may break due to a collision. These sticks are made of different materials to suit each player, and their sizes depend on the player’s height. You must also account for the height of the roller skates when you purchase a stick.

Ice hockey gloves form an essential part of the kit. They are made of strong material, usually leather. The material must be strong enough to protect the player from the cold, and at the same time, must provide him with a firm grip on his stick.

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