Christmas Gifts For Kids – Discover What is Hot in 2009

Everybody wants more free time. Here, we try to give you some more of that by freeing up the time you have to spend researching Christmas gifts for kids. Below you will discover what are the hottest gift categories for kids and also the top products in each. This will help you narrow your research down freeing up time for you to do whatever you want with it.

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Arts & Crafts Toddler toys

The first category is Arts & Crafts. It is not every year you can say this is a popular category for kids gifts, but this year is different. One particularly impressive set of gift ideas are the creations from Printies(TM). Here, kids can make their own stuffed animals with the help of their home computer and printer. What makes this so much fun is there is minimal mess and maximum creativity in designing these stuffed animals. Another product offering that is impressive are those by Girl Gourmet® in the candy jewelry section. They have two gift ideas: the Candy Jewel Factory Oven and the Candy Bead Studio which are very impressive. These let kids make their own candy jewelry which many girls will just love. The combination of these gift ideas shows arts & crafts are hot in 2009.

Interactive Games

A second category of interest are Interactive Games. A new trend is games is a focus on toddlers and young children with learning style interactive games. There are a whole crop of them this year with the Zippity Learning System, Fisher Price® Splatser, and the Fisher Price® MyToon TV. All three are a little bit different but call upon kids to get up off their feet and participate. These games are one part video game and another part active fun. This is a great trend that I think we will continue to see develop over the next few years.

Stuffed Animals

A third category that is strong again in 2009 is Stuffed Animals. This gift idea is a main fixture with Christmas Gifts for kids because the little one really like them. Here, leading the charge is Fur Real Friends® which has two impressive offerings with Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty Cat and the Zambi The Baby Elephant. Both of these have a soft fur that kids will love to touch and lifelike sounds akin to their respective animal making these a big hit with boys and girls. We fully expect these will be best sellers this fall.

Learning Toys

Our fourth and final category is learning toys. Many parents are looking for ways to give their kids the best foot forward and one example of this is the purchase of learning toys. The toy companies are aware of this interest and the result is a large number of these types of games in 2009. Some of the more popular ones include Leapfrog® My Pal Scout, Leapfrog® Text and Learn, Leapfrog® Tag Junior Book Pal, and My First Lab Duo Scope Microscope.

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