Creationism And Evolutionism: Two Perceptions Of The Same Truth

It seems that lately there has been quite a lot of controversy and disagreement about the history of Creation. This rivalry has been growing for years now, in communities (both religious and scientific), in our schools, and even in our “courts of law”. After such a long, enduring war of beliefs, one must ask the question…are they ever going to find a middle ground? Are these two views of the world so far apart that they can never meet? Perhaps those who argue are simply not willing to let them how to write a cause and effect essay.

In my opinion, based on my own observations, I believe that both of these “theories” hold an element of truth but are, by themselves, incomplete. I will not say that either belief is “wrong”, but perhaps that willing lack of bias is the reason that these two seemingly separate perspectives fit so neatly together for me. To be quite honest, I believe the only reason that these two “theories” have never officially met in the middle is because of their followers’ blind devotion to being “right” and someone else being “wrong”. (See why do we need to limit God?)

I’m not going to go into great detail about the personal reasons for everyone’s choice and beliefs; I’ve mentioned them in other articles and will probably re-explore them in the future. I will, however, try to start at the beginning…literally. To do this I must make one thing perfectly clear….no matter what it is, a thought or idea, there are always two ways to look at anything. Duality is the basis of perception as much as it is the basis for our belief in “how this all started”. Knowing this, we must explore both perspectives and their root.

Let’s assume, for the moment, that this “nothingness” I have been referring to was actually conscious. Now, as one thing, this consciousness would only be aware of itself. It would not be aware of anything else or the possibility of anything else because it is everything…there is no space or time, there is simply nothingness and the awareness of its existence as that nothingness. This is Unity. But, to experience anything, Duality must exist…and so that consciousness had to perceive itself to be two things. For the first time, the Void was perceived (very important) as separate. There was now a Perceiver and a Perceived.

Before I continue, I would like to point out something very important about this consciousness. Our understanding of this consciousness is entirely dependent upon our own beliefs and limitations. We are talking about “nothingness”…infinitely adaptable (it can be and is the foundation of everything), eternally present (how can something that is everything ever die?), and completely and utterly free (there are no rules to follow). Knowing this, a possibility opens to us. What would you do if you were God? Quite simply…you would do everything.

Everything covers a lot of things, I cannot begin to cover them all, but for the purposes of this exercise let us say that “God” wanted to experience. The perceiver wanted to perceive every possible variation of itself…with Eternity to play with, wouldn’t you? Remember that this “consciousness” can never truly die, it has nothing to fear and nothing to lose…it is everything and always will be. And so, it has no bias…Good or Bad, experience is the only goal.

I realize that I keep stating this, but it is really very important to grasp this concept of “being everything”. I’ll use an example just to be clear…

Currently, you have a countless number of possibilities that can move in and out of your mind. You can imagine purple skies, chocolate cars, and even entire experiences that you are not currently experiencing…we call this imagination, but to a consciousness that is everything there is no such thing as imagination. The mind of God is The Void; therefore any possibility that enters the mind of God is made real because it is within the Void (the building blocks of everything). Think about this, to a mind with no limitation, how many possibilities could exist? An infinite amount…quite literally, anything that could exist does exist because all that is real is within the Void (there is nothing else, remember?).

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