How To Choose A Chandelier For Your Home

When it comes to choosing a chandelier to suit a room in your home, there are a number of different aspects that you need to take into account. If you fail to heed any of these criteria and simply choose a chandelier based on its aesthetics, you may find that it looks really out of place in your home and not know what else to do with it. So, what do you need to take into account kitchen cabinets melbourne ?

Type of Room

Basically, a chandelier can be hung anywhere without posing the risk of looking out of place, but the most popular room would have to be the lounge or living room, closely followed by the bedroom, the hallway and the dining room. It is also possible to hang a chandelier in other areas, such as the bathroom or kitchen, as long as these spaces are properly ventilated and a fixture is chosen appropriately.

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Size of Room

It is essential to take the size of the room when choosing a chandelier, as a larger space (such as an entry hall or lounge incorporating a staircase) will be perfectly suited to a multi-tiered chandelier and a smaller space (such as a bedroom or low hall) will be more suited to a single-tier or flush chandelier.

Height of Ceiling

Keep in mind that not every room of your home is going to have the same height ceilings – you need to ensure that there is plenty of room for a person to walk underneath your chandelier without bumping their head. Generally, there will be just over 2 metres gap between the bottom of a chandelier and the floor, but this will need to be entirely determined by the height of the homeowners.

Furnishings of Room

A chandelier should be chosen based on the colour, texture and style of the other furnishings and elements of the room (such as the walls, furniture, accessories, and carpet or flooring).

Weight of Chandelier

If you are planning on installing a larger chandelier in your home, its weight is something that you really will need to take into account. This is because you need to ensure that your ceiling is going to be able to adequately support its weight. In some cases, you may even need a structural engineer to assess your ceilings.

By taking into account the above criteria, you can ensure that you make the most informed and best decision when it comes to choosing a suitable chandelier for installation in your home. There are plenty of chandeliers on the market, so there is plenty of choice to meet your findings.

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