Zen and the Art of Wall Clocks

Beauty is a simple concept. All beauty comes from nature, and it is by our very natures that we respond to things which are beautiful. This concept is so intrinsic to the human condition that it is in many ways primal, and despite the best effort of certain designers, there is no way to completely tame beauty. Even the most modern or delicate styles will be based on primitive yet powerful concepts which are hard wired into our brains.

When it comes to a clock it is important to understand the symbolism of the piece. A clock measures the passage of time. A clock is constantly recording time, keeping tally of what is essentially an invisible force and then displaying it in a prominent visual manner. In this way the clock is almost a magical device, illuminating that which would otherwise be hidden in obscurity.

The flow of time is a natural process, yet the act of recording and displaying it is quite unnatural, and it actually serves to disrupt the natural temporal movement in a space. If you notice clocks movements you will see that the hands tick in time with seconds. These seconds are discrete divisions of time which are completely man made, and are used to allow us to grasp the concept of time in a logical, representational, and scientific way. However time is not actually divided, instead it is one long px7 primal flow reviews constantly flowing mass, moving in a steady never changing path.

This concept can be seen when a clock is placed in a room. Before the presence of the clock time will flow naturally within the space. People will act according to their own natural rhythms, without being forced to conform to the standard speed of those ticking hands.

After the clock is placed within the space life will become more formal and regimental. You may not notice anything immediately, but if you watch the way interactions and activities take place within the area, you will notice that people are more hurried, more anxious, and are always glancing up at that clock.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. The invention of mechanical timekeeping devices is one of the best motivational tools ever created. It reminds us of the limited nature of personal time, and encourages people to actually do something constructive with their lives.

The important thing is to understand what the clock means and how it affects you. In the end clocks are just tools, they are designed to help you to accomplish whatever it is you want to in your life. You should not ever become a slave to the ticking hands of a clock, but on the other hand, it is wasteful to ignore the positive benefits that it can have on your life.

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