What Smart Phone Will You Choose?

It is amazing if you pick up any newspaper today how many ads you will see for smart phones or cell phones. Equally amazing is the number of new features that we’ve never seen before which are hitting the networks. Companies like Verizon and AT&T are bragging about all the new things that their cell phones can do and their networks can achieve for the individual who is an early and first adopter of new smart phone technologies.

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For instance, now most of the smart phones are able to surf the net, send e-mail, and even GPS your location. It seems like just a few years ago, our cell phones added features like digital cameras, and short bursts of video. Everyone thought these were like the coolest features of the world. And like you, I also thought they were pretty good, but not nearly as nifty as the newest applications of today redmi note 8.

With Apple’s new iPhone and Google’s new Droid in the war going on between Verizon and AT&T, it is amazing how companies like Motorola and Nokia have stepped up their own marketing, branding buzz, and advertising dollars. Many top executives and business professionals have chosen the Blackberry and the new Blackberry Bold is quite nice.

The question is what would you chose right now with all the choices available from the iPhone to the Nexus One and the new Motorola Droid? Indeed, many consumers have been working very hard to try to figure out what the cell phone and smart phone in their future ought to be able to do and how it might best serve their needs. The reality is that the sky is the limit. And you the consumer and customer, the user of these new smart phone technologies is truly in the driver’s seat.

The companies that build the chips like Intel, Nokia, and Motorola along with the companies that make the operating systems such as Microsoft, and those companies that use their own proprietary operating systems like Nokia, Apple, Google, RIM are quite serious about their competition, and the market share they hope to attain.

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