Why is EDM Worship Music Important to Your Church?

Electronic Christian music, sometimes called CEDM, Christian EDM or CDM, is a popular genre of urban electronic music developed in and around the Seattle, Washington area and related areas of Portland and Colorado Springs, Colorado. This style of music grew out of Christian rap and hip-hop artists who were influenced by the “Jesus Movement” and other similar movements. The artists associated with this style of music are people like Mos Def, Rakim, J.I.D., Talib Kweli, and countless others. While Christian rap and hip-hop have been influential influences on EDM since the early days of its development, there has been a distinct growth within the Christian music community of catering to a more mature clientele. Christian rap and hip-hop artists have been influenced by groups such as Jesus Movement, the Crips and the Bloods, and numerous other similar and related groups.

EDM worship music tends to be more mainstream Christian music with Christian dance music thrown in for good measure. Many well-known Christian rap artists have incorporated EDM elements into their music, whether intentionally trying to cash in on the EDM trend, or simply doing it due to the fact that Christian dance music tends to be fun and a good time. EDM worship songs tend to be slow and very spiritual in nature, with lyrics often focusing on the need for peace, love and divine intervention. While these songs may not necessarily advocate a simplistic approach to faith and spirituality, Christian artists have been known to use EDM elements to their advantage in order to draw in a younger Christian audience.

A good example of this is rapper Lil Kim, who has made use of “power metal” like vocals and guitar riffs in her songs, as well as her own aggressive vocal style. Many Christian rap artists have also been noted for including EDM elements in their lyrics and music, most commonly in their breakneck, heavy metal sound. Christian music has also traditionally used heavy metal as a basis for its sound, so it only makes sense that the movement would eventually find its way into Christian weddings.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that EDM is not the same as Christian dance music. Often times the lines used to delineate the two are blur. Some people think of EDM and Christian dance music as one in the same, but the truth is that Christian dance music tends to be more uplifting and has a much higher degree of ferocity than many of the EDM dance styles out there. It is very popular among many Christians and can even help them get through the harder times of their faith, especially when looking for comfort.

Some churches have found great success using EDM in their worship songs. This type of music tends to be very uplifting and contains many biblical verses that are especially helpful in hymn singing. Most churches play these types of songs at their regular church services, and many times during the season of giving thanks or for a special occasion. Sometimes you’ll even see EDM played during a sermon. Some people compare the sound to that of church organ music, which is certainly no accident. In fact, many feel that it is vital that churches use edm in their worship songs, since the voices are usually very calm and soothing and carry a higher pitch than regular organs do.

Christian worship music has really come a long way over the years, too. The first time that people ever thought of using EDM was in the beginning of the AIDS era. In an effort to combat the spread of the disease, Christian radio stations were broadcasting music that had the vocals of “Jesus,” with this very style of EDM. Many people were taken by this new twist on worship music and began to imitate Jesus and spread his name everywhere. Today, EDM has taken on a whole new meaning, as more people have become interested in bringing the praise of God to the world. This makes EDM music an even more important part of Christian worship music than it was even a few decades ago.

While the goal of using him in your Christian worship songs is always to praise God, there are also other purposes that the style of music can serve. Sometimes a church might want to draw the attention of people to the lyrics of a song. At other times, the music may be used to amplify a story, so that those who are listening are given something extra to listen to. Either way, the goal of the music should be uplifting and inspire people to become closer to God. The beauty of music and the emotion it can evoke is powerful, and this is what makes this particular style of worship music so special.

If you are interested in using him to bring people into your church, then you’ll find that there are a number of great choices out there. There are some well-known companies who produce and distribute this type of music for church use, and there are also many websites where you can buy complete CDs of this type of music. For people who already have a church that they are already familiar with, it can be easy to find an existing musical group who is willing to work with you on the production of your CD. It can be a simple process that can end up making a big difference in the lives of those who hear it.

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