Roaring Like A Lion – Part Two

In “Roaring Like A Lion, Part One” I shared an experience in which, while dancing, I roared like a lion. That day I was dancing I gave the divine a voice. I allowed it to roar as loudly and as fiercely as it wanted to. All these age old beliefs had been such a heavy burden to carry. They didn’t look good on me any more and it was time to stand in my I am shoes and let them go. Adamas Saint Germain once said through Geoffrey Hoppe that to truly become completely free we have to want our freedom more than anything else. He gave a visual of someone being held under water to the point that if they went another second without taking a breath they would die.


He said the level of desperation this person feels in that moment is the level of desire we need to break free from the core beliefs we harbor. This reminded me of Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz.” To find her way back to Kansas she had to reach a point in which she wanted it more than anything else. In other words, you have to identify with the divine, who is completely free to love without conditions, so much that you literally become the divine. All your aspects no longer have an issue because you have taken complete charge of your home. That is when the melding process is complete. That is when you are free buy lsd.

The next day I got an AC recharge for my car despite my fears. Initially fear aspects did pop up but I let them know in no uncertain terms that I was going to give myself these gifts regardless of their concerns. As it turned out, the AC recharge cost more than the sign had advertised but I was okay with that. I expressed appreciation to now have air-conditioned comfort in my car.

I still needed to find a way to get the audio working so I could use the DVD player. Rather than buy a TV, I remembered I had some PC speakers that had defective plugs so I purchased some RCA male plugs to replace them. I carefully stripped the wire and screwed it onto the end of the RCA plugs. Doing this added new meaning to the term “easy” because the entire time I was enjoying the creation process despite the fact that it was tedious and required much patience. I could have easily seen it as hard and challenging. But I was full of appreciation and when I put those plugs into the back of the DVD player and turned it on, the audio worked! That was exhilarating.

It felt so good to have participated in the creation process of solving this audio problem. From this I learned that as the creator if we literally had the ability to be like the genie in the bottle and just snapped our fingers to manifest something, in most cases this would take away the joy of the creation process. Yes, this ability has its place but one of the main reasons we wanted to become human was to have experiences. It’s when we judge them as good or bad that they become easy or hard.

My soul gave me a profound experience the following day. I went to the store where I bought the DVD player to return a remote I didn’t need and noticed they had a musical instrument department so I wandered in and decided to play a $1500 guitar I spotted on the wall. The sales people were busy and after about ten minutes I decided to go to a different department to ask if they could help me in the musical department. It turns out, the person I spoke to was a Supervisor and she made sure I was helped right away.

I fell in love with that guitar but not until the sales person hooked it up to an amp with over 100 pre-set musical arrangements to play with. I love to play my guitar to CD’s so this was right up my alley. An amazing thing happened while I was playing. At first I was a bit intimidated but I took a deep breath and allowed myself to shift the energy. It wasn’t long before I was in the now moment. I could see on the periphery some people standing nearby watching me play but it was as if I was in a bubble, completely safe. But the most amazing thing of all was that I felt a connection with my soul on a level I haven’t experienced since I took LSD in 1971. The only difference between that experience and this one was that this time there were no hallucinations (or were there-since everything is an illusion, who says what we see in front of us is not just an hallucination?). Driving home, I felt totally one with all things and the intensity of the joy was nearly overwhelming. This profound feeling stayed with me for the rest of the day. I was in bliss. This was far more exciting than the day I bought the DVD player.

The day after I was expressing tremendous appreciation for having had that experience and while doing so began imagining all the things I want to do and have. My imagination was never so clear! I could not only see myself with these things (a home on the beach, sports car, new laptop, monster bus to travel in, etc.) but I felt joy as if I already had them. Moments after finishing my rampage of appreciation a cardinal landed right outside my window. She was so beautiful and bobbing around with such delight I just had to look cardinals up in Andrew’s book as well. Here was what I found: “…a cardinal totem almost always reflects a need to assert the feminine aspects of creativity and intuition more strongly.”

I immediately knew I needed to buy that amp. I didn’t buy it before because of my income situation but my intuition was telling me I would continue to experience a great deal of joy using that amp, even if I didn’t have the expensive guitar. My guitar is not a real cheap one and I do enjoy playing it. So I decided it was time to live my truth. I went back to the store and bought one, trusting the financial situation will work itself out by me following my joy.

The trip back to buy that amp was as joyful as the first trip. There were three sales persons whom I felt a tremendous love for. And, since I brought my guitar with me, I had a chance to play it through this amp and was absolutely experiencing bliss again! I know my energy had an affect on these sales persons. When I got home, after taking some time to breathe and relax, I sensed it was time to dance again. Not more than five minutes after beginning to dance a huge cicada killer wasp showed up, spiraling around me as if it was on the warpath. I started to tell it I understand it had a message for me and invited it to leave but it wasn’t listening. It just kept flying in a circle, all around the wooden platform I was dancing on in my backyard. I decided to ignore it, although that wasn’t easy because it was making sure I understood there was a reason it was there, but after about five more minutes it apparently decided I’d gotten the message because it finally took off.

Meanwhile, throughout the entire time I was dancing, which was over an hour, several crows were swirling around high above, cawing. From what I shared before, I could feel magic in the air. This was especially true because of what Andrews says about the bee, that they are, “…long-time symbols for accomplishing the impossible.” With both the crow and bee showing up, I sensed my soul was telling me that magic is about to show up, that what previously may have seemed impossible to accomplish is absolutely going to happen. Dreams do come true when you follow your soul.

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