Which TV to Buy? Plasma TV Vs LCD TV

Have you been wanting to purchase a flat screen television but have not yet gotten around to buying one because of the confusions? Let us take a look at the pros and cons of plasma and LCD TVs. Plasma televisions used to be superior to LCD televisions but now, LCD TVs are taking over and becoming the top choice for a flat screen TV and overturn the plasma. Let us now compare plasma and LCD televisions.

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Plasma TV was the first in the market. It came out earlier than the LCD TVs. They have large screen formats like 42 and 50 inches. And since they are longer in the market, their prices have already dropped since it was first released. So in comparison with LCD TVs, plasma wins on this one Autel Maxisys Elite.

Previously, LCD TVs can only produce models as large as 30 inches. However, it is now changing as LCD manufacturers are now coming up with bigger sizes. Sizes which are the same with the plasma televisions which make the competition tighter. 42-inch TV is the popular size and this is also the one size that manufacturers are giving more attention of producing for the buyers. Since there is too much production, prices will certainly go much lower. Plasma televisions had the head start in making larger models so they have more edge at this one. But in the next few years or so, LCD televisions will soon be lowering down their prices.

If you prefer to have multimedia sources in the same gadget, the LCD is what you are looking for. LCD television has computer inputs and memory sticks which enables to you to use the screen as a monitor for your computer. You can listen to music as well as view your pictures from your digital camera. Graphics and text on LCD TVs are crisper compared to those that can be seen in plasma. This is absolutely perfect for video games. So if you are looking for a television that caters to your multimedia needs, LCD TV is the one for you.

LCD TVs are slowly gaining popularity and they have more edge against the plasma TVs. This is because LCD TVs last longer than plasma. They differ by 20,000 hours in the life span. LCD televisions also do not have burn-ins that plasma has. Another plus factor in the LCD television is that they are able to make portable models which is very useful in entertaining kids who go for a long drive in cars.

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