Tips for Creating the Ideal Pool Decoration With Floating Candles

Wedding receptions, family parties and formal cocktails often take place around the pool. Beautiful decoration is required for such events. Floating candles can really make the event unforgettable. For many people, it is all about scattering some candles around the pool. However, decoration is an art, so you will certainly benefit from some creative and practical ideas on how to make it truly amazing.

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The choice of floating candles is essential. It will affect all other aspects of the pool decoration. Items around 2.5 inches in size are ideal as they are neither too big nor too small. The color of the items should match the theme of the party. For formal events, it is best for all candles to be of the same color. If you are not sure about the color, you can readily go for white or beige. You will certainly not get it wrong Achtformpools.

Simpler shapes are preferred for pool decoration. The flower-shaped floating candles are gorgeous indeed, but given their small surface and the large size of most pools, people will hardly notice the stylized design. That is why round items are to be preferred. That way, the focus will be on the flames and the beautiful glow surrounding them.

You can readily decide on the number of floating candles that you need. Consider the size of your pool, how much light you want to get and how you will position the decorative items around the pool. The more the better is not necessarily the rule to keep here.

Complement the floating candles with flower blossoms or petals, if you want a richer pool decoration for your event. You will create a totally whimsical atmosphere if you have a number of large white water lilies floating on the surface surrounded by tiny flames. Large fully open rose blossoms will also float well so you may want to pick white, red or pink ones depending on the occasion. Using flower petals is a simpler solution. These decorative items are easier to scatter and will certainly float well. Floating flower wreaths can also complement the candles, but these tend to be expensive.

Choose carefully how to position the floating candles on the water surface. Provided that there is no strong wind, they will float around the spots on which you put them. Placing the items along the edges of the pool only is not a good idea. To create a truly magical effect, it is best to scatter them all over the surface of the water.

Floating all candles in only one corner of the pool is another option. This is a good idea if you have a wedding ceremony taking place on one side of the pool or if you have the dance floor or the cocktail bar there. Basically, the idea is to give more light and a more noticeable decoration to the place where most people will be.

Make sure that the floating candles will burn beautifully throughout the entire evening. Most items have between five and eight hours of burning, but it is best to be on the safe side. Lighting the candles should be among the final things to do before the guests arrive.

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