Unmasked Secrets For a Flat Belly

A flat belly is a prize that many people want to show, but so few really have. This reality has left most people scrambling to the gym with the hope that they too can get a toned belly. While having a flat stomach does have its positives, there are some secrets that people overlook and jump start their mission only to find that they are not getting the results they want. If you are tired of seeing infomercials with hot models boasting a rock hard abs, then it is time to take some action get the body you really want. By observing some of the simple tips below you will see what needs to be done to get a flat stomach without creating accumulated stress in the process.

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You may have read it or heard it a hundred times already, but alcohol does have an effect on how much fat you get on your belly. Most importantly is the type of alcohol that you have and this is why people who want to have a flat stomach should give preference to wines over beers. This does not mean that beer drinkers should abandon a good old cold beer on the weekends okinawa flat belly tonic. What it means that is that too much bear pumps the body up with tons of empty calories and then these show themselves in the all so famous ”beer belly”. This tip is directed more to those that drink often and really want to have a flat belly. People that drink occasionally or socially are advised to consume foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates if they really do not want to take some extra pounds back home.

Abdominal Training

Belly training is another great way to develop a firm belly. You can do this in the comfort of your home, work or even in a social setting without having to go to the gym. The steps involved are simple, but the main intent is to strengthen your lower transversus abdominis muscles and oblique muscles. It also involves proper posture and you will even feel a difference when you start to belly training for a flat belly. Instead of slouching in a chair, sit upright and hold your tummy in for about 2 minutes, and then push it back out. Repeat this 5 times for about 6 times weekly. This will help you to strengthen the lower transversus abdominis and also the muscle in your back.

For the oblique muscles-which are located at the sides of your abdomen simply remain seated and slowly turn your upper body without moving your lower body. It may feel awkward at first, but with a little practice, you will begin to enjoy it. You will also feel the effect on your oblique muscles as you turn from one side to the next and hold each turn for a few minutes. You can do this as work and home by consciously thinking how you plan to turn each time you want to turn. Overtime you will tighten the oblique muscles and get a flat belly.

Muscle Building and Fat Loss

If you really want to have a flat belly then you will have to focus on losing fat. You can lose fat by consuming less calories and forcing your body to use the fat that it already has for energy. Obviously, this does NOT entail starving yourself, but rather consuming FEWER calories. You will combine your fat loss mission with muscle building so that you develop a toned body in the process and also a flat belly. Avoid repetitive cardiovascular activities, because these do not contribute to muscle building. Instead, get involved in outdoor activities that really work on your core section and cause you to have a flat belly. There are also hundreds of indoor exercise programs such as using a jump rope, abdominal twists, lying leg raises and flutter kick ab crunches.

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