Top Interior Design Solutions For Rentals

Congratulations! You have finally moved out of your parents’ house and into your own apartment, navigating your way through your new independent lifestyle. When it comes to living in an apartment, though, you might be surprised to find out that most landlords do not allow major modifications on your apartment. How then do you make it your home without resorting to some major transformations? Here are top interior design solutions to help you make your house truly a home.

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Solution #1: Add patches of color through key accessories

One major rule that must be followed when moving into an apartment is that you cannot paint the walls, which is how most homes add a major dash of color in their homes. Still, you can manage to get a color theme going by working with the color of the walls rather than against it. If the walls are colored white or light beige, then just let them be and add color elsewhere, such as through a window tint film, accent pieces, throw pillows, furniture slipcovers, area rugs, and curtains. In fact, using decorative window films is a great way of injecting style and color to the home. In adding color, it is is a good idea to stick to a color theme and choose accessories that play up this theme. For example, you can use a cool blue, green palate or a warm, red, brown and orange color combination. Do not mix and match too many accessories though, this will make the house look cluttered and disorganized best interior designer in lahore.

Solution #2: Use a variety of ways to dress up the walls

If you really wish to change the color of the walls, there are a few things you can do to solve this: use fabrics or curtains. Nowadays, lightweight fabrics are used to cover walls in lieu of paint or wallpapers. These are simply attached to a frame and the frame itself is fastened to the edges of the ceiling and floor via heavy duty staples. If this is too much work for you, why not just use sheer curtains attached from the ceiling to the floor? By using curtains or wall fabrics, you can easily remove them when you need to move out to a new home.

Solution #3: Spruce up windows and doors

Decorative window films are inexpensive yet elegant looking decoration pieces that have so many uses in the home. They are versatile — they can be used for decoration, to ensure privacy, and filter natural light. Moreover, they are easy to use, install, and maintain, making them ideal design options even for those living in apartments. One clever way of using decorative window films is by placing border accents on the windows of the living room and the kitchen. In the bathroom, you can even use window tint film to add personality to a shower enclosure or to a mirror.

Solution #4: Use strategically placed mirrors

Speaking of mirrors, one old interior decorating trick is to use mirrors to open up the space and create the illusion of a bigger room. By mounting huge mirrors, you can add an elegant touch to your home decor and opening up the space to make it look bigger.

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