European Products Vs Chinese Products – A First Person Experience

European bathroom accessories, as is the case with many other European designed and manufactured products, are superior to most bathroom accessories made in China. The reason for this is simple. The mindset of a company in China is to mass produce a product. Their focus is on selling as many of a certain product as possible with much disregard for the product’s quality and potential lifespan. What I mean by “disregard” is that the production process in China simply does not stand up to the production process in European companies. The differences in the production process are apparent from the get-go: the design of the product.

China dethroned the US as Europe's top trade partner in 2020 — Quartz

Products made in Europe are built to last, but maybe more importantly they are designed to last. Starting from the design, European companies are thinking about the end-user. Of course, all companies care primarily about how much they can profit from a certain product. But here’s the difference: European companies make bathroom accessories for profit and for design. Each European bathroom accessory or product for that matter is essentially a part of a company’s portfolio. In other words China’s silk road economic belt, it is one of the paintings in their gallery. If a product does not represent their brand well, then, they are unwilling to sell it. For, maybe they can make a profit in the short-term, but certainly a product that does not endear to their customers can harm their European brand, and that is the last thing that they want. Companies that design a product solely for the purpose of making a profit oftentimes do not have a brand. Hence, there is really nothing to protect, and moreover, no reason to create long-lasting, good quality products. As a result, bathroom accessory companies in China usually elect to go with the cheapest design, the cheapest materials possible, the cheapest means of selling these products to the masses.

In my trip to Europe last year, I was fortunate enough to visit a few factories. I was taken through the design phase, the production phase, and the testing phase. There were a couple of things that surprised me. The level of technology used to design these products is extremely superior. The bathroom accessories that are created by European companies are truly designed to last. But it is not only the technology that designs these accessories, it is the people. European bathroom accessory companies make sure to hire the most well-known bathroom accessory designers and engineers in the world. Another thing that surprised me is the sheer level of testing that each product is subjected to. There are at least five levels of testing that each product is subjected to. If a product fails one of the tests, (due to a color issue or anything else for that matter), it is fixed and then put through every single phase of testing once again. That means a product that fails on phase two of testing will be subjected to the first phase again, even though it had already passed that testing phase the first time. If a product fails the testing process two times, it is deemed defective and is thrown away. This kind of attention to detail is what separates European bathroom accessories from the rest.

Products that are made in China simply do not receive that level of attention and care. Why? You guessed it. It simply costs more. Not only would these companies have to actually buy the (expensive) tools required to build these tests, but they would also have to throw a lot of bathroom accessories away for not passing the tests. The combination of these two things will end up costing a lot of money. Once again, for European companies, this is alright because the protection of their brand far outweighs the additional costs of products and testing.

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