Simple Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Cats

One of the first things you must do for the cat is to ensure they get ample space, food and water. With these three basic things, a cat will become more at ease in your house. If you have a kitten then you must ensure that the food contains important nutrients required for the kitten to grow healthy. After the cat starts to move around you need to start focusing on other aspects like toilet training and damage control.

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For toilet training, get a good litter box for the cat first. Then whenever you see it trying to pee or poop, just take it to the litter box. With some practice the cat will start associating the litter box with its toilet. Whenever the cat uses the litter box by itself, praise it and give it some treat this link.

The next part is damage control – cats are fun loving creatures that may scratch the furniture and rip off carpets. While this may enrage you, you must be very careful not to scold the cat. A better technique is to have a spray bottle with some plain water. Whenever you see the cat doing something you do not want it to, just spray some mist on its face. With time the cat will understand the right and the wrong.

While you have prevented it from scratching the furniture, you cannot deprive it of its natural urge. So get it a good scratch pad which it can use to play by itself. This is very important for welcoming any cat in the house.

The next step is the cleaning of the cat. Typically, cats are very clean animals and will work hard on staying clean. However, once a month you do have to give them a nice bath. When you do some, make sure that you are using safe shampoo and soap. Ensure that the soap and shampoo do not enter the eyes and ears.

It is important that you take the cat for regular check-ups to the vet. You need to give it regular vaccinations too. Besides, if you observe anything unusual in the cat’s behaviour take it immediately to the vet for a check-up. Early detection means simpler cure so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Lastly, if you already have some other pet in the house, you need to be careful about socialising them. If there is a dog, then it must be on leash or under control and if it is a cat, then introduce the two slowly to each other.

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