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Why Join a Tinnitus Group?

I have always feared what I couldn’t understand and have always cowered at things that I cannot fully grasp. As it is with the unknown that we remain uncertain and therein lies our fear.

Three years ago, I started hearing low buzzing and ringing in my left ear and I found myself asking if I were hearing things or if these noises are reverberating inside my head. The frequency of the noises that I heard would vary and the unexpectedness of the whole situation sometimes paralyzed me in fear. More often, it depressed me and pushed me to the brink of desperation.

Six months after the first buzzing, I decided to see a doctor specializing in auditory problems. I was made to go through a series of auditory exams and was diagnosed with tinnitus in my left ear. Tinnitus is not a condition in itself but rather a symptom of an underlying condition. It is characterized by hearing constant low or high pitch noises in the absence of an external sound. The frequency and pitch of these noises  Tinnitus 911 can vary from one person to another and from one situation to another.

The tinnitus in my left ear was caused by an ear infection gone uncared for and has impacted my left ear drum. The tinnitus that I have been experiencing turned out to be early warning signals of a hearing loss.

This Tinnitus Group Was a tremendous help…

My audiologist has suggested a series of hearing therapy, starting with an acknowledgement of the tinnitus. Tinnitus may not be totally cured nor can hearing loss be totally prevented. Over the course of my therapy, I have met a group of people with similar problems to me. Yes, a typical Tinnitus Group. And eventually, I learned that there are Tinnitus support groups that cater to people who suffer from tinnitus and hearing loss.

On my first day to attend a tinnitus group meeting, I was overwhelmed by the many testimonials of different people as they are also going through the same things that I am. I have learned that in this Tinnitus group, people share more than the same symptoms and condition, but the same sentiments, apprehensions and concerns. More importantly, I have learned that tinnitus groups offer a reliable approach in keeping the tinnitus within an adequate hearing level.

The Benefit of the Tinnitus Group

Joining a tinnitus group can benefit you in a number of ways. The tinnitus group in my locality offered a thorough understanding of the condition that not only educates me, but also helps our friends and family understand our situation. The group is open to tinnitus sufferers and encourages close friends and family to also attend the group sessions in order to fully realize and see the whole picture the way we tinnitus sufferers do.

More than the understanding, tinnitus groups also teaches different techniques and approaches in handling and controlling tinnitus. I have learned that stress is a common trigger of the condition and has since then aimed to practice a stress-free lifestyle.

Controlling our stress factors can come from learning to mask the tinnitus sounds like standing in the shower with water streaming, playing soothing classical music in the background, practicing meditation and doing relaxing exercises and activities.

Different approaches work for different people and finding the right one for you need not mean finding it alone. More importantly, the support of the tinnitus group has made me feel no longer alone in this difficult plight. Instead, it has encouraged me to learn more about the condition and the people who suffer from it; it has allowed me to believe that I can still live a normal life; and it has made me believe in the power of hope.

Let your nearest tinnitus group help you and discover yourself helping others along the way. There are tinnitus groups in almost every locality and in every country, speak with your doctor for more information on the condition and the support groups available in your area.

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