Natural Remedies For Diabetes That Work

Whatever the reason, there are hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who prefer natural alternatives when it comes to medicine. It may be the risk of side effects, the delivery methods (eg injection) or just simply not wanting to use chemical methods to solve their medical dilemmas. With the amount of funding put into medical research, there is definitely no lack of these alternative natural treatments and cures.

Diabetes is an extremely common disease, affecting tens of million of people in the United States alone. It has several types which effect sufferers in different ways. Given these facts, you would expect that huge amounts of resources would be devoted to research and development for treatments and cures. This is definitely the case, which has also made a variety of natural diabetes treatment available to the public.

Diabetes has been linked to several causes. These include genetics, nutritional deficiency, obesity, a diet high in carbohydrates, lack of exercise and stress. The disease is characterized by high levels of blood sugar or glucose. This also results in the excretion of excess sugars in the urine. Problems stem directly from insulin deficiency, as insulin plays the vital role of controlling blood glucose levels.

While all problems are insulin related, the different types of diabetes refer to the different ways which insulin levels are affected. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body stop producing or produces lower Reversirol levels of insulin. This is often related to problems with the pancreas itself. With type 2 diabetes, the body is not as able to use the insulin which has been produced. This type is more common among middle and older age citizens and can generally be controlled with diet and exercise. It is also the most easily reversible. The third type, gestational diabetes, can occur during the second half of pregnancy, and stops after delivery of the child. It is also often controlled through diet.

Diabetes facts and information aside, we are here to run you over some natural diabetes treatment and cure options. This information should be taken purely as a guide and you should consult a medical professional before you take and supplements or make any major changes to your diet. Changes need to be properly monitored in case effects are life threatening.

Natural Supplements

Natural supplements such as chromium, magnesium and vanadium have been studied and publicized for years. It is believed that these can be used for diabetes control, although at this point there are no medical recommendations for supplementation to be prescribed to people with diabetes. Despite this, low magnesium levels have been linked to problems with insulin abnormalities.

Natural Foods

A variety of fruits and vegetables have been praised as beneficial for diabetes treatment and control. Fiber is very beneficial in controlling blood sugar levels, and is found in a large majority of natural fruits and vegetables. As with any serious diet, fruits, vegetables and seeds should form a major part of what you eat. For diabetes related diets, some fruits are better then others. For example, grape juice is widely recommended for diabetes treatment and cure.

There definitely are natural diabetes treatment options available. Many of these have had positive reactions from diabetes sufferers across the world and could prove successful in treating your diabetes. Once again, be sure to consult a medical practitioner on any changes to your diet and supplementation.

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