Dental Braces for Improving Smile

Dental braces help to improve your smile by aligning the misaligned teeth. Apart from cosmetic purposes, dental appliances are also used for correcting irregularities in bites and other structural flaws of the teeth. These orthodontic tools are essential corrective instruments that work by widening the jaws, thereby helping to reposition and shape the teeth.

Although dental appliances are largely worn by children and teenagers for correcting bite and improving appearance, adults who have missed the orthodontic treatment during childhood can steel bite pro use braces for aligning their crooked teeth. However, orthodontic treatment for adults is usually more complex and additional procedure apart from wearing dental appliances may be needed for improving smile.

Types of Braces
Depending upon your orthodontic problem and budget, you can select a dental appliance best suited to your need.

Metal-Wired Braces
The conventional brace designs feature metal arch wires attached to brackets. The components of the dental appliance are usually made of stainless steel. In high quality braces, titanium is combined with stainless steel. The titanium braces are lighter than the stainless steel braces. They also carry a higher price tag. Titanium braces are best suited for people allergic to nickel present in stainless steel.

Clear Braces
If you want to hide your braces, you can opt for clear constructed with tooth-colored materials. They blend with the natural color of the teeth, thereby making the braces less conspicuous. In clear braces, tooth-colored plastic or ceramic is used for constructing the brackets and the orthodontic bands that are used for holding the brackets. Despite their cosmetic appeal, clear tend to be more vulnerable than the metal-wired braces.

Lingual Braces
A cosmetic alternative to the conventional metal braces, the lingual braces comprise of brackets that unlike the standard designs are bonded not to the front of the teeth but to the back of the teeth.

The latest mini-braces are preferred for their small size. They are lighter and less conspicuous than the conventional braces.

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