One App That Can Save You Time And Memory

The long awaited release of Android Nougat has finally been released and it is amazing. This new version of Android comes with a lot of great features. Aside from the obvious improvements in hardware and software, this new version introduces a brand new platform for apps. One of the most striking features introduced by Google is the ability to have more than one app on your device. Apps are starting to spring up everywhere that you look and since this feature is still new to the Android ecosystem, there are many apps that don’t even have a chance to be noticed yet.

One example of an excellent new app is Tipped. This is an app that allows you to earn money for sharing tips with others. You can earn money by giving your friends tips about local restaurants, tipandroid tourist attractions, or even local businesses. The system is completed with integration of social networking services like Facebook and Twitter so you can also get the latest scoop from your friends and peers. You will only get paid if someone uses the Tipandroid application.

In addition to that, another very useful feature of this app is the integration of Google Maps. Now, you don’t have to rely on third party applications that may not be updated or accurate. Google has already taken care of this issue and included their own map in this app. This is great news for users as they will finally be able to use Google’s mapping features on their mobile devices.

One other exciting feature of Tipandroid is its integration of Zagat scoring. You can now contribute to the community and give your own personal review on different restaurants and tapas. The only thing that you need to do is to install the Zagat scoring feature and you can start submitting reviews.

This is just the first of the several apps that Google has brought to Tipandroid. This new feature is part of the company’s renewed effort to make its apps more engaging and useful for users. The goal is to make them better and more useful than the current versions. That is the reason why the company is releasing these apps in a couple of different versions. The first one is aimed at amateur and professional developers.

Another version is intended for more experienced developers. One of the coolest features of this app is its keyboard recognition. With the use of this keyboard, users can enter some simple text. Furthermore, you can also insert images into the text. With this keyboard, typing doesn’t just come natural, but you will be able to do more things with it that you couldn’t do before.

With all these amazing features, it is easy to see how this app has become so popular in the Google Android market. However, if you are new to Android phones, you might find it a little complicated at first. Fortunately, there is an instructional video that you can follow. That way, you can easily get the hang of using this useful app.

Finally, there is one feature that most users love about Tipandroid. Users love this app because it allows them to customize their device. You can choose what wallpaper and icons you would like to use on your phone. Aside from that, you can also change the color of your phone according to your mood or the theme of your party.

Aside from these amazing features, this app is very easy to use. This is because it has been designed especially for new users. Therefore, users will not find it hard to operate it. Even if you are a beginner in the world of Android phones, you can easily understand that this application has to offer. With just one tap, you can already perform an array of tasks.

In addition to that, this application does not take up much of your storage space. It only takes up about 50 MB of space. Because of this, you and other users will not have to worry about how much space they have left to store their apps. Aside from this, users won’t feel guilty about taking up space because they can maximize the limited storage capacity of their devices.

All in all, the features that this amazing app has to offer are very useful for new android users. If you are an android enthusiast, you should download Tipandroid right away. This will give you the much needed motivation to explore other apps that you might find useful.

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