Special Dietary Needs of Cruisers

One of the highlights of a cruise is the 4 and 5 star quality meals and buffet dining during the cruise. The meals are absolutely fabulous and what you would expect to find in a 4 and 5 star restaurant. Then there’s the midnight buffets because, lets face it, you’re on vacation and don’t have any set hours, and you don’t have to get up for work!

On top of that, you’re the boss! You paid for the cruise and now you have stateroom attendants, waiters, head waiters and other staff working for you.

OK, that sounds great, and it is. But, what if you have special dietary needs? You want to know that you’re going to have the same cruise experience that everyone else around you is having right?

Well, that may depend on a couple of things, first, is your special dietary need for medical, faith, or diet preference? Or maybe none of these reasons but you want to stay in shape during the cruise.

OK, so, let’s start with special dietary needs for either medical or food allergy reasons. Most cruise lines recognize that many of their guests have special dietary needs on nearly if not every cruise. So the cruise industry in general has created departments dedicated to meeting the needs of cruisers with special dietary requests. If you search the webpage of a cruise line for “special diet” or something similar, you will often find the cruise line states that they make every effort to accommodate the dietary requirements of their guest whenever possible, and will breakdown the dietary needs in to separate categories and mention that they can 먹튀검증 accommodate special needs such as”

o Food allergies
o Gluten-free
o Vegetarian (but may not accommodate for vegan/macrobiotic, check with your travel agent or contact the cruise line directly)
o Low-fat
o Low-sodium

The catch is most cruise lines require advanced notification of your special dietary needs at least 45 days prior to your cruise. That gives them time to make the necessary preparations for your special dietary request or needs.

Other common special dietary needs are for kosher or vegetarian meals. Again, most cruise lines now provide kosher or vegetarian meals but they need advanced notice of 45 days or more. I’ve spoken with a dining coordinator from a major cruise line with a request for a guest requesting kosher meals on their cruise but it was sailing in less than 45 days. No guarantees, but I was told that would be no problem at all. However, the cruise lines are in the business of travel logistics in a big way and would prefer to be able to plan well in advance to make sure they can accommodate the needs of their guests.

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