Tinnitus Remedies – Top Remedies For Tinnitus You Can Use at Home

Tinnitus is the scientific name for that ringing in ears, that can be constant or intermitent and of various intensity, and could well make you lose your sanity. Hopefully there are few treatments you can try at home to help you get rid of tinnitus. Here are few completely natural tinnitus remedies you can start to use today to improve your condition.

If you want to silence tinnitus, then make yourself and environment quiet. So:

  • Avoid noise

Maybe the best tip I can give you. That should be common sense, loud noise is one of the priary cause of tinnitus. If you’ve Silencil ever been to a concert where music was too loud, you may experienced ringing in ears for few days. You need to give your ears a break so, turn the volume down, and eventually get some earplug if you are in noisy conditions. If your working conditions are noisy too (machinery), you must protect your ears as you know being exposed to loud noise can damage your ears considerably.

  • Exercise your body and your brain

Exercising is good for vascularity (blood circulation) and will improve the blood flow to your ears. Meditation and yoga may also help you reduce the tinnitus symptoms.

  • Diet

Eat better! This tip, along with the previous one, will sound like a weight loss program (and it actually is) but you should follow it in order to improve your tinnitus condition. Avoid sugar foods and fats, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, get some rich protein foods (fish, chicken, turkey, etc). Here’s an additional tip: garlic, kelp and sea vegetables are great. Add some Vitamins and minerals too (A, B, C, E, Zinc).

  • Herbs

Herbs can also be helpful. Ginkgo biloba, black cohosh, hawthorn leaf, melatonin are used in various health issues by naturopathic doctors, and are so for tinnitus as well.

  • Essential oils

If you like natural treatments, then Aromatherapy is one of those recommended in case of blood circulation related tinnitus. Essential oils of lemon, cypress, rosemary, and rose are to be considered here.

These are some of the top home remedies for tinnitus that you can start to use to stop the buzzing in your ears. There are many other techniques that you can check and I recommend you follow the link below for more details.

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