Spanish Lesson On The Subjunctive – The Nosotros Form

This lesson will be about a very specific subject. It is about the form “Nosotros” in Imperative and in the Subjunctive (Present Tense). This is a topic that confuses a lot of Spanish students.

Let´s start with the grammar, and remember that for the Imperative and Subjunctive it is the same form.

If you have a verb with ending AR, the conjugation will be the same as in the

Indicative Present, but we change O to EMOS.

Comprar: Compro-Compremos

If you have a verb ending in ER-IR, the conjugation will be the same as in the Indicative Present, but we change the O to AMOS.

Tener: Tengo-Tengamos
Salir: Salgo-Salgamos

The different rule is for the verbs with a comprare levitra online sicuro Vocal Change in Present.

If you have a verb that in the Present changes in the root O to UE, you will need in Imperative and Subjunctive the conjugation that is below:
If the ending of the verb is AR or ER, don’t change.

Probar: Pruebo-Probemos
Poder: Puedo-Podamos

If the ending of the verb is IR, it only changes from O to U.

Dormir: Duermo-Durmamos
Morir: Muero-Muramos

In other cases you can have a Verb that in Present changes from E to IE.
If the ending of this verb is AR or ER, it doesn’t change.

Pensar: Pienso-Pensemos
Querer: Quiero-Queramos

If the ending of this verb is IR, it will change E by I.

Mentir: Miento-Mintamos

In the last case, you can have a verb that changes in the Present from E to I, so, it will change from E to I also in Subjunctive.

Pedir: Pido-Pidamos
Seguir: Sigo-Sigamos

You will see that in many grammar books the conjugation for Nosotros in the Imperative doesn´t exist. This is because in the theory it is impossible to give orders to “Yo” (I), and Nosotros include myself, but the truth is that in real life we use it.
For example, like a suggestion: Pidamos una pizza por teléfono. (Let´s order a pizza by phone)

Vayamos al cine. (Let´s go to the cinema)

Also, it is common to hear the Imperative Idea using Present Tense: ¡Vamos! (Lets go), ¡Comemos pizza, no tengo ganas de cocinar! (Let´s eat pizza, I don´t feel like cooking).

Some examples using Subjunctive:

Espero que este nuevo año todos tengamos trabajo.( I hope this new year all of us have jobs.)
No me gusta que lleguemos tarde a todos lados, tenemos que salir más temprano. (I hate that we are late everywhere, we have to leave earlier.)

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